We have been established to preserve your stories, histories from across Fairlight, Guestling and Pett. We are a community venture whose mission it is to establish a permanent home for the collection, archiving and preservation of documents, photographs, artefacts and oral histories relating to these three parishes.

Why is it needed?

What happens to records, photographs, community group files, etc. over the years as owners move or pass on, as families clear attics? Who keeps a record of the stories of our older residents can tell?

ARC can provide a permanent home where archive materials can be safely stored, catalogued under supervision of local historians, and preserved.

What has been achieved?

As of September 2019, the Steering Committee of the ARC has established a not-for-profit membership society and also identified suitable premises for the archive at Pett Village Hall, agreeing rental terms with the Pett Village Hall Committee. We have costed building works necessary to convert the premises for ARC use and the IT and other equipment required. We have also received the endorsement from the three parish councils and grant contributions towards our opening year expenses.

What comes next?

Our focus in the coming months will be on raising funds for our building works and equipment purchases from the general public (you) and appropriate funding bodies. Estimates show that building works will cost approximately £3,000 and computer software and hardware in the region of £5,000 (including a fireproof cabinet, acid free storage, supplies, etc.)

Who will use us?

This archive will be made available to our residents to view or to anyone with an interest in local history to access for research purposes, including school children.

We hope people will also contribute to our archive with new material. We will not be in competition with The Keep, but will maintain a working relationship with them. If original documents need to be preserved by The Keep we will keep good quality copies.

Initially we hope residents will become Friends of the ARC, which will help raise money to fund our start up. Eventually we will seek annual membership which will have its own rewards. This will help our ongoing costs along with the sale of leaflets, books, CDs etc.

General Data Protection

We will adhere to all Data Protect requirements and will require all users to sign forms allowing us to use any information they give us and protect the information of all users.

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